Building Better Bus Stops

Jun 21, 2021

It is no secret that the city of Atlanta is experiencing an urban growth-spurt. With large- scale developments being constructed at such a quick pace, an increasing number of people are commuting within the West Midtown area for residence, employment, recreation, and more. To accommodate this density, alternative transportation to single-use cars has become an important consideration.

The sole focus of this project was to explore three areas across this community which encourage one of these alternative transportation methods: pick-
up locations for the MARTA Bus. Each one brought a unique environment, set of users, and presence / lack of amenities for transit-riders. We partnered with The Upper Westside CID, The Pillyr Foundation, Marta Army, and Atlanta City Design Studio to make this project happen. You can read the full story here in this process book we put together to track the entire project.

Design Bloc

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