Design Bloc Launches Branding Project for Historic Atlanta Neighborhood

Jun 21, 2021

Innovative Atlanta-based design thinking center, Design Bloc, launches a new branding project to revamp signage and branding for the historically black Hunter Hills Neighborhood in Atlanta.

The team at Design Bloc is staying true to their roots of designing with by working with the historically black community, Hunter Hills, nestled within several notable Civil Rights landmarks in West Atlanta. The goal of the project is to create new branding guidelines that celebrate the heritage of the neighborhood and can be used in new signage projects for the community.

This place, where almost 30,000 residents call home, also houses a notable number of schools and is adjacent to the prestigious AUC Consortium, making it an ideal place to live under the motto “One Community, One Family.” However, within recent years, the artifacts used to denote this proud community have started to succumb to the effects of years worth of wear and weathering. As a result, this community has taken an interest in not only replacing the signage that exists around the perimeter of their neighborhood, but also activating certain areas internal to Hunters Hills with additional branded assets to further amplify the voice and identity of this area.

Design Bloc has committed, over the 2021-2022 academic calendar, to providing support through the management of our student staff, to respond to Hunter Hill’s need for new branding. This team of Design Bloc students will apply their training on design research-methods to engage with residents of the Hunter Hills neighborhood to understand the historical legacy and identity of this community. Moving from the research phase to the design phase in the fall, the group will continue to partner and work with the community to produce designs that celebrate and empower the community as it continues to grow and evolve.

Design Bloc

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