Hunter Hills Project: Branding

2021 Oct 3, 2021

The branding phase of the Hunter Hills started after our research presentation in June of 2021 and will last until December of 2021. We started by taking our research results and turning them into brand language starting with brand imperative statements, moving forward with four core values for the brand, and then a value proposition for why the brand exist. We were then able to take these words and statements and use them to develop moodboards for the Hunter Hills brand.

After the first round of creating these brand elements, we knew we had to talk to the community to make sure we were still following the research and capturing the story and essence of the Hunter Hills community. We decided to host some co-design workshops to work with the community to iterate on these elements. We hosted two workshops, one online and one in the Hunter Hills First Baptist Church. For the workshops we showed the imperative statements (we had 3 at the time) and asked the community to circle ones that resonated with them and then we discussed as a group about what ones need some work and what ones are representative of the community.

After that we used a card sorting technique with about 15 different traits the Hunter Hills brand could emphasize and asked each person to choose their top three. Then we had a set of 15 different moodboards, the community members took their top 3 core values and found 3 images from across the moodbaord that they thought visually represented their values. We had very interesting discussions about what pride in your community was in the visual form as well as got to see what imperatives, values and images resonated with the community.

Below you can see some photos of our experience:

Stay tuned for more updates and follow us on social media for even more information.


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