Meet Jordan

2021 Feb 28, 2021

Jordan has probably been around Design Bloc the longest in recent years. Hailing from San Jose, California, where he grew up, he played sports from a young age and was athletic. In fourth grade he had a huge growth spurt, which sustained him in high school, where others began to pass him.

In 8th grade he started a custom sock business through which he learned Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. These skills drove him into graphic design in high school, where he began to develop his design process. As a senior, he quit baseball to lead his school's growing makerspace, where he learned rapid prototyping methods and processes. These experiences led him to pursue Industrial Design at Georgia Tech.

Jordan loves the creative flow that comes with the iterative process of design. Whether it is brainstorming ideas with a group or mind-mapping a topic by himself, he enjoys connecting multiple thoughts together to find the best solution. Within Design Bloc, Jordan values the community we have within our team and the ability to work with a like-minded group of individuals.

In the future, Jordan wants to be at the intersection of technology and design. At Georgia Tech, he has learned key design methods and processes through his major and Design Bloc. And through his minor in Computer Science, he is learning more about the backend of digital technology and the network of things. He wants to push the limits of feasibility for software and hardware development, but also be the bridge for design and software developers.

Jordan is passionate about bikes and the community around it, however his perspective on the bike realm is out of the ordinary. He isn’t looking to mash and go fast, but is more concerned with exploring the world and being mindful of his surroundings. He enjoys the feeling of escaping and disconnecting from the world and diving into what he perceives as reality. On his bike, he finds moments of self-reflection and learns more about himself. To him, his bikes tell him the truth about where he stands in the world and the universe at large.

As he has grown older, Jordan has guided his life with two philosophical principles: enjoying the goods and letting go. He believes in living in balance with the goods that life has to offer, and this balance has made him more mindful and appreciative of the great things that are already around him. His other belief of letting go has put the important things in his life into perspective. This philosophy has helped him be grateful for what’s good in his life already and avoid the small things he can’t directly control. These two beliefs have helped him be more present and relaxed in his daily life and cherish the world around him.


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