Meet Madison

2021 Feb 24, 2021

Madison's story is something out of a 90s movie. She was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Georgia (Comer specifically) the summer before 7th grade and landed on a farm. When she moved to Georgia, her dad's dream was to start a farm, which sold organic food at local markets. This also involved her getting up at 7 am and working until 5 pm.

Crazy right? Anyway, she grew up in and around Athens and her mom is on staff at UGA. Coming to college she knew she wanted to do something at the intersection of art and creativity and stem, and firmly had decided not to go to UGA because she wanted to escape from her family a little bit.

Madison loves design because she gets to try new things all the time. "It's the intersection of all the chaos I want in life," she says. Madison enjoys the small close-knit group that Design Bloc provides and likes the work that we get to do.

She doesn't know what the future holds, and she lives for the now. She is completely open to opportunities as her learning continues and figures out where she fits in. If you have questions about farm life or just want to hear more about Madison's thoughts on design, reach out on Instagram at @mad_lovelace.


Design Bloc

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