Meet Tynan

Meet the Staff Feb 24, 2021

A resident ATLien, born in Seattle and raised in Avondale Estates, Tynan was home schooled with a small Chrisitan home school group as his community. When he started high school, that all changed and he was thrust into an expanded and new circle that he credits with giving him some grounding in his interactions with people. Unlike most people, his memory isn't segmented into grade levels because of his unique experiences.

Since age 11, he has been dabbling with crafting and was involved with the local Decatur Makers space sinec the beginning and throughout high school he did a lot of robotics (we mean a lot of robotics). As he approached the end of his tenure in high school, during his junior year, he found out about the Industrial Design major and decided that was more of a fit for him than his ideal path, which had been leaning more towards engineering.

Design for Tynan is very personal and is a true passion for him. He has always loved computers and reading about the tech industry and really loves getting lost in his work in the workshop. Or as he would put it, getting into the flow of making things. He derives satisifaction from making and creating cool things, which really drive his love for design.

With Wayne Li at the helm of Design Bloc, Tynan is most interested and excited about being able to work with and learn under Wayne, something he feels an honor and invaluable to his future growth as an industrial designer. And for all of the things Tynan has accomplished and his sharp organizational skills, he is still letting the future come to him.

"It doesn't matter and I don't know what my future holds. Designers do everything and pivot all the time. ID is a tool belt, if you don't succeed in one career you can switch and contribute to another," he says. With that being said are you adopting a more fluid approach to your future.


Design Bloc

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