Meet Yuma

2021 Feb 28, 2021

Yuma is from Japan, but was born in San Francisco. Right after he was borned he lived in Japan for 3 years and then moved back to North Carolina for 3 years. After his family's stay in North Carolina they moved to Georgia where he has been ever since.

Yuma grew up playing baseball, playing for 9 years, and then did track afterwards and worked with robotics throughout the high school. When Yuma first started learning about startups he wanted to think of cool ideas. That all shifted when he thought more about how to think about the problem. For now he's understanding more about the people and how they view the problem. So now he views it from the lens of what is the actual problem and how can you make some things that actually mean something.

Initally was drawn to Design Bloc from his experience with previous staff members  and heard about Wayne through a workshop he gave in the college of computing. In the future Yuma hopes to be working on a startup, whether he's the founder or simply working for one. Outside of academics he enjoys folding orgami and does break dancing.


Design Bloc

Design Bloc is the only innovation and design initiative that equips the toughest problem solvers to be thoughtful problem framers.

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