Our Design Behaviors

Design Behaviors Oct 1, 2020

Design Thinking has become somewhat of a buzz word, but we firmly believe that design thinking is for everyone. This includes diverse thoughts and ideas that produce both more inclusive and frankly sustainable solutions. So let's hop right into it. Here are our design behaviors that help keep us on track as we start to share our philosophy with you.

Creative Craft

First up is creative craft. This is the relentless pursuit of making to foster new understanding. Build the creative confidence to bring any idea, whether it be a product, environment, service, performance, policy, or business, to a realization where it can be tested with an audience. Innovators with a diverse prototyping skillset can adapt the fidelity and resolution of each prototype to serve the current stage of development.

Contextual Awareness

Can you truly solve a problem without context? We don't think so, so that's where contextual awareness comes in. Contextual awareness is the exploration of a problem’s impact and root causes to discover new opportunities for innovation. Examine how the issue plays out at scales ranging from the individual to worldwide and consider the problem’s relationship to users’ basic and high-level needs. Innovators who reconsider a problem in its full context can define a project scope that contains tangible and impactful issues.


A word everyone should know, empathy. This is so critical to everything that we do. Empathy is the act of reconsidering the problem from the user's point of view. Approach users with tolerance and an open mind and use conversation and direct observation to learn how they perceive the issue. Innovators who take on their users’ viewpoints can prioritize problems that hold value for multiple stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial Sustainability

What good is a great solution if it doesn't last? Well this is where entrepreneurial sustainability comes in. Entrepreneurial sustainability is the pursuit of a business model that enables long term growth. Verify how users value the solution to a problem and pursue options that balance required resources and cost with this perceived value. Innovators who first validate the business case for their problem can work towards enduring solutions.

Rapid Iteration

Getting to a great solution requires a lot of work, but also testing a lot ideas to see what works and what doesn't. Rapid Iteration is the progressive refinement if an idea through feedback. Put each iteration of the product in contact with users and observe whether prototype and user have the desired interaction. An innovator who repeatedly builds, tests, and learns from user feedback can ensure each design change advances the product’s purpose.

We hope this gives you some insight into what we do and a little more about who we are. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at any time.


Design Bloc

Design Bloc is the only innovation and design initiative that equips the toughest problem solvers to be thoughtful problem framers.

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