Collaborations Jun 21, 2021

Innovative Atlanta-based design thinking center, Design Bloc, supports the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance project to reduce the pollution of West Atlanta waterways

At Design Bloc we try to stay true to our goal of converting world-class problem solvers to thoughtful problem framers by leveraging technology with the recent collaboration with other like minded institutions on the Watershed Alliance project. The goal of the project is to reduce litter in West Atlanta waterways and ultimately improve the trash trap experience leveraging the latest tech solutions.

Technology has undoubtedly evolved over the years, offering solutions to meet the growing and diverse needs of businesses and individuals. A plethora of tech services providers, including designers, have emerged in recent times to address the concerns of customers. Unfortunately, there is a need to do more in delivering custom solutions as opposed to the generic services that do not necessarily meet the specific needs of clients. However, we are looking to change this narrative with the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance project and trash trap further substantiating this claim.

The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance has created a trash trap that will collect up to 60% of the litter flowing in tributaries of Proctor Creek, consequently easing the process of trash collection by the community. The trash trap project, which uses the Happy Crawfish trash trap, will also integrate the community into the process, offering a more cost-effective option for protecting the environment.

The project is one of the several partnerships that we have entered into, as the institute also recently collaborated with Faculty in the Excel Certificate Program to help in improving students’ experience and outcomes by practicing key design behaviors.

For more information on this project you can check out and download both the full report and calculator to build your own here.


Design Bloc

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